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New SPERI Brief: Neoliberalism, austerity and the UK media

SPERI’s latest British Political Economy Brief presents new analysis of newspaper coverage of the financial crisis and austerity. A new study by Luke Temple analysed 1,000 quotes from named individuals in articles concerning the financial crisis, recession or austerity in five national newspapers between 2007 and 2014. The findings of the study show how the coverage portrayed people as ‘dehumanised … Continue reading

17 December 2015 by
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Debating the BBC

Luke Temple

We should be boosting the corporation’s role in public life, not cutting it As the new Conservative government finds its feet it has made it clear it wishes to ‘sort out the BBC’.  If reported comments from the most hard-line and anti-BBC Conservative MPs are to be believed, some might even be planning to ‘go to war with it’, as … Continue reading

2 July 2015 by
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