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Economic uncertainty and economics imperialism

Matthew Watson

The question of why uncertainty does not feature more prominently as an economic ontology requires answers that are rooted in intellectual history.  This post, the sixth in our series on uncertainty, searches for them by looking at how economic history has become increasingly colonised by economic theory, and economic theory by mathematics. The decision to focus this series of SPERI … Continue reading

26 October 2017 by
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‘Osbornomics’ and the death of benign government

Matthew Watson

Osborne’s plan to bind all future Chancellors to produce annual budget surpluses is not driven by economic logic, but is intended to reshape the meaning of government There is something really rather smug about the British Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, intending to legislate formally for constant year-on-year budget surpluses.  ‘I have been so right all along in my … Continue reading

7 July 2015 by
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Second pivot in the ‘Building a Sustainable Recovery’ series published

The second in the SPERI Palgrave pivot series Building a Sustainable Recovery: SPERI Research & Policy has now been published and is available for purchase. Uneconomic Economics and the Crisis of the Model World by Matthew Watson (University of Warwick) analyses the political response to imploding markets through the lens of the history of thought, asking ‘what has gone wrong … Continue reading

5 February 2014 by
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