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Berry’s ‘disoriented left’ and the possibilities of an alternative

Dan Silver

Connecting abstract ideas about political economy with people’s everyday lives is what politics in the UK should now be about Craig Berry’s paper, ‘The disoriented left? Growth model failure and the nascent politics of a transformative narrative’ is a most welcome contribution to a debate around the political economy of the UK.  This debate has largely been limited by a … Continue reading

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It’s the political economy, stupid!

Colin Hay and Tony Payne

Labour desperately needs a new and compelling narrative about how it would build a different economy from the Conservatives – and time is already running out Labour’s post-election debate is only six weeks old, but it is already going wrong.  It’s not just that the choice of a new leader and deputy leader, with all the associated questions of character … Continue reading

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‘It’s the economy wot won it’

Mick Moran

Labour’s argument on the economy was condemned by the association of ‘the two Eds’ with New Labour’s record The general election result of last Thursday will rightly be seen as epochal: for the future of the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats; for the future of the Union in the UK; and, quite possibly, after the now certain referendum in … Continue reading

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Ed Miliband didn’t convince the electorate, because he didn’t convince himself

Craig Berry

An ambivalence towards the state meant Labour failed to offer a meaningful alternative to the Conservatives The scene was set, at the recent UK general election, for a turn to the left – as we have seen in many other Western countries – of precisely the kind that Ed Miliband pitched to the Labour Party in his leadership campaign, and … Continue reading

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Ed Miliband’s economic problems: an issue of communication or substance?

The Labour leader needs to simplify his message and make it more combative As party conference season comes to a close in Britain, Ed Miliband has come under fire for forgetting to mention the deficit in his closing speech. This omission, although embarrassing, should not, however, be taken as wholesale neglect of the economy.  There is more to the economy … Continue reading

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