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The split in neoliberalism on Brexit and the EU

Protectionist or pragmatic? Leave or Remain? A year ago neoliberals were divided on Brexit but now they are united The European Union (EU) has often been accused of being a neoliberal hegemon, imposing its will upon struggling peripheral economies such as Greece and Spain.  The EU’s supposed disposition towards neoliberalism was often used in the case made by supporters of … Continue reading

22 June 2017 by
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The perversion of ‘full employment’

Craig Berry

Active labour market policy is facilitating an abundance of poor quality jobs In advocating the pursuit of ‘full employment’ last month, George Osborne sardonically offered a deliberate echo of the UK’s Keynesian past. Yet there is more substance to this knowingly provocative claim than it might appear at first. It would be implausible to suggest that Osborne’s agenda represents a … Continue reading

15 May 2014 by
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