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Don’t depoliticise inclusive growth!

Tony Payne

The endeavour to set out and implement a new vision for more inclusive growth will fail if it is not treated fundamentally as a matter of political economy, rather than an aspect of social policy The inclusive growth agenda is undoubtedly being talked about in a more mainstream way than was the case even a few years ago when the … Continue reading

16 November 2017 by
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Is there a Scottish economic model?

Ewan Gibbs

Nicola Sturgeon is keen to emphasis a distinctive Scottish model – yet the SNP’s style and rhetoric differ from the substance and reality of Scotland’s economy Last November Professor Tony Payne introduced Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, before she delivered SPERI’s Annual Lecture, by highlighting how the vision for Scotland she set out in the 2015 general election represented a … Continue reading

5 January 2017 by
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Scotch mist: Brexit and independence

Paul Sutton

The SNP is using the uncertainty caused by Brexit to remake the case for independence – yet the warning signs about Scotland’s economy should already be on In her recent SPERI Annual Lecture Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister for Scotland and leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP), cited a report by Strathclyde University’s Fraser of Allander Institute which estimated that … Continue reading

24 November 2016 by
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Nicola Sturgeon MSP at SPERI

SPERI held its 2016 Annual Lecture last night in the Octagon Centre at the University of Sheffield. Nicola Sturgeon, MSP and First Minister of Scotland, addressed an audience of over 1000 people and spoke to her theme which was: ‘Scotland and the UK: Economic Policy after the EU Referendum’. In her lecture, the First Minister reiterated her determination to defend … Continue reading

8 November 2016 by
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SPERI annual lecture with Nicola Sturgeon MSP

Date: Monday 7 November 2016 Time: 6pm Venue: The Octagon, The University of Sheffield S10 2TQ SPERI is delighted and privileged to welcome Nicola Sturgeon MSP, First Minister of Scotland, to deliver the annual lecture titled Scotland and the UK: Economic Policy after the EU Referendum. Watch the event live You can watch the SPERI annual lecture from 6pm on Monday. Follow … Continue reading

5 October 2016 by
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Independence by increments’

Paul Sutton

The SNP still pushes ‘full fiscal autonomy’ even though this will make Scotland worse off financially The Scotland Bill to provide greater powers to the Scottish Parliament is currently before the House of Commons.  It is the product generally of the final stages of the Scottish independence referendum, when the leaders of the UK Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties … Continue reading

5 August 2015 by
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