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Developing a local government finance system that works for all?

Property and land are increasingly significant to local government financing – but their valuation and taxation need urgent reform to fund local services and support growth In recent years, there have been several political narratives designed, and promoted, to rebalance the way parts of England are governed; variously associated with devolution, decentralisation,  Powerhouses (Northern) and Engines (Midlands). More recently, emphasis … Continue reading

15 August 2017 by
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Why the North, why now, and what’s new? Part I

Craig Berry

For England’s sake, the time has come for Northern England to find its ‘inner powerhouse’ In the wake of the general election, Englishness as a national identity is being articulated in an increasingly aggressive manner.  When all the dust has settled, we may in future come to see this as the key legacy of the 2015 general election – or … Continue reading

4 June 2015 by
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