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Brexit and free trade fallacies Part One

Matthew Bishop

Modern trade politics is about regulatory harmonisation and attracting flows of investment, and this calls into question the very idea of ‘trade’ as we have understood it until now On taking up office as Secretary of State for Brexit, David Davis caused consternation – and mockery – when he appeared not to understand EU trade law, suggesting the government would … Continue reading

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A time for governing in prose (and spreadsheets)

Andy Westwood

Philip Hammond is facing significant political and fiscal challenges which mean his first Autumn Statement is likely to be a sobering affair Winter is approaching, there’s snow upon the ground. The queue of bids for support is getting longer as we count down the days to this week’s Autumn Statement.  Everyone wants to be at the front of the queue … Continue reading

21 November 2016 by
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Craig Berry on the tax credit U-turn, the OBR and Autumn Statement

Watch Craig Berry’s reaction to the Autumn Statement: Craig Berry has written the following blog for the PSA: Welfare strangeness and the 2015 Autumn Statement You can read more analysis on What the experts say. Craig Berry was also on BBC Radio Sheffield yesterday, 57 minutes into Toby Foster at breakfast programme.

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Labour and the politics of budget responsibility

Craig Berry

The stakes are high as Labour seeks approval from the Office for Budget Responsibility Labour’s Shadow Chancellor, Ed Balls, has requested that the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) assesses Labour’s plans for government. His intention is to show that the spending commitments Labour makes in the run-up to the general election are matched by cuts elsewhere, or extra revenue, having … Continue reading

15 October 2013 by
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