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Finance fragmented? New SPERI research on EU financial centres post-Brexit published

When the UK leaves the European Single Market, financial firms domiciled in the City of London will lose their ‘passporting rights’. Ahead of the UK’s departure many UK-based banks and other financial institutions are considering whether to relocate parts of their operations to alternative financial centres inside the EU. Frankfurt and Paris are two of the main ‘rivals’ to the City … Continue reading

22 October 2018 by
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Frankfurt and Paris as financial centres after Brexit

Scott Lavery

The City of London is likely to remain as Europe’s pre-eminent financial centre after the UK leaves the EU, but new research shows how Frankfurt and Paris seek to ‘capitalise’ on the fall-out from Brexit Brexit creates an opportunity for alternative European financial centres such as Frankfurt, Paris Luxembourg and Dublin. However, no comprehensive academic research on the emerging competition between … Continue reading

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Social exclusion and labour rights in the banlieues of Paris

Heather Connolly

Trade unions can support the integration of migrants and minorities in France and must do so more actively in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks The terrorist attacks in Paris have again highlighted the problem of social divisions in France and the extent to which they lead to feelings of exclusion that in some way incite violent responses. It appears … Continue reading

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SPERI Spotlight on the UN climate summit III

Matthew Patterson

Beyond ‘Deadline Multilateralism’ UN climate change negotiations have been temporally structured around a series of crunch moments: Rio, Kyoto, The Hague, Bali, Copenhagen and now Paris.  The lessons of Rio and Kyoto seemed to be that, if you give a clear deadline, you could structure the expectations of negotiators around that deadline and thereby produce a deal. At Rio it … Continue reading

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