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SPERI’s Deputy Director criticises Chancellor’s ‘budget surplus’ plans

Dr Craig Berry, SPERI’s Deputy Director, was one of 77 of the country’s ‘best known academic economists’, to sign a letter published in The Guardian last Saturday attacking George Osborne’s plans, as announced in his Mansion House speech, to achieve ‘permanent budget surpluses’ in Britain.  The letter argues that these plans have ‘no basis in economics’, would unnecessarily tie the … Continue reading

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Piketty at last!

Tony Payne

This is a remarkable book, but not necessarily all that it has been proclaimed to be I came very late to Piketty’s party.  Contrary to received opinion outside the fold, the working routine of the modern university does not leave much time for reading books that are 685 pages long.  I’ve therefore had both the advantage and disadvantage of observing … Continue reading

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If inequality in the US is no surprise, why are so many people acting like it is?

Stephanie Mudge

American reaction to Thomas Piketty’s book, Capital in the Twenty-First Century, expresses the nature of modern economics and Americans’ intuitive sense of injustice I first read Piketty’s work, co-authored with Emmanuel Saez, some years ago in graduate school. At the time I mistook it for the work of sociologists, because of its concern with historical processes and inequality, which no … Continue reading

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