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New SPERI Brief: Public infrastructure investment & business activity in the English regions

SPERI’s latest brief examines public spending on infrastructure investment in England and assesses its relationship with private sector business activity on a regional basis. Infrastructure investment forms a key part of the Government’s ‘long term economic plan’ and the Treasury’s recent Productivity Plan identified it as a key component for raising productivity. The Brief analyses the Government’s National Infrastructure Pipeline … Continue reading

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Austerity rests on a thesis the government doesn’t believe in

Tom Hunt and Craig Berry

Concentration of infrastructure investment in areas with high levels of business activity suggests the government is unconcerned by ‘crowding out’ Remember expansionary fiscal contraction? You don’t hear much about it now, but back in 2010 when George Osborne set out his austerity agenda, the theory underpinning it was that the private sector would expand to fill the gaps caused by … Continue reading

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