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“The world economy is more dangerous and less stable now than in 2008″ | Interview with Professor Colin Hay

Nearly ten years on from the global financial crisis of 2008, Colin Hay, SPERI co-director, and Tom Hunt, SPERI  Policy Research Officer, have edited a book which provides a timely warning as to the dangers still present and building in the global economic system. In The Coming Crisis (Palgrave, 2017) they draw on research on the political economy of growth, stagnation, austerity … Continue reading

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The great uncertainty paradox

Colin Hay

Uncertainty is the essence of social, political and economic systems. This is the final post on our series on researching uncertainty Uncertainty is troubling, collective uncertainty particularly so.  To find ourselves in a context that can be described as ‘The Great Uncertainty’ is, then, likely to prove greatly troubling – at least to those willing to accept the accuracy of … Continue reading

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SPERI Paper No.1 is here!

The wait is over. You can now download the first in the series of SPERI Papers here. In the opening paragraph of SPERI Paper No.1 The British Crisis: a Crisis of and for Growth by C0-Director Colin Hay; Professor Hay argues: “It is only by acknowledging the complicity and culpability of a decidedly and distinctly Anglo-American conception of capitalism in … Continue reading

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Colin Hay’s BISA/ISA Global Challenges paper, be the first to read it here!

  Professor Colin Hay Last night SPERI Co-director Professor Colin Hay addressed the 2012 BISA/ISA Conference in Edinburgh in the opening plenary panel with a talk on Global Challenges. His contribution on ‘Setting the parameters of acceptable globalisation’ , argued for a thorough reappraisal of the globalisation we permit in the wake of the global financial crisis and for a move … Continue reading

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