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Understanding the IMF better

Tony Payne

The Fund does make normatively driven interventions in ideologically charged economic policy debates, but not always from the perspective imagined and often with only limited impact The paradox of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is that it has been around for so long and is so familiar a part of the institutional apparatus of the global political economy that we … Continue reading

23 April 2018 by
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Revisiting the developmental state 9: Conclusion

The East Asian developmental state was a phenomenon of its time that hasn’t been precisely replicated, but state developmentalism as a strategy for national insertion into the global order remains necessary Well, it turned out to be worthwhile revisiting the concept of the developmental state, didn’t it?  Our contributors have performed splendidly in providing a succession of incisive yet pithy … Continue reading

21 November 2017 by
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Don’t depoliticise inclusive growth!

Tony Payne

The endeavour to set out and implement a new vision for more inclusive growth will fail if it is not treated fundamentally as a matter of political economy, rather than an aspect of social policy The inclusive growth agenda is undoubtedly being talked about in a more mainstream way than was the case even a few years ago when the … Continue reading

16 November 2017 by
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A new ‘Introduction’ to SPERI

SPERI has just produced a new ‘introduction’ to its work prepared by Professor Tony Payne, one of its Co-Directors. It comes in the form of a short film and has been designed to feature on the ‘About SPERI’ page on our web-site. In it Tony explains why SPERI was formed, highlights some of the research and events with which it … Continue reading

16 March 2016 by
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SPERI Comment is here!

We are delighted to announce the launch of SPERI Comment, a new interactive, political economy blog which will feature articles from a variety of leading commentators, on the issues that matter. SPERI Comment is intended to help spread opinions and ideas of academics from the University of Sheffield, with research interests in political economy, to a wider audience. Further contributions … Continue reading

8 November 2012 by
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