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The unravelling of Chavismo?

Matthew Bishop

The unique experiment represented by the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela is potentially on the brink of a painful and protracted crisis One of the most difficult jobs we have as analysts of political economy is cutting through the fog of debates that are polarised between seemingly irreconcilable viewpoints.  The unfolding crisis in contemporary Venezuela presents us with just such a … Continue reading

25 February 2014 by
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A threat to growth? Environmental activism in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis

Genevieve LeBaron

Since the crisis states have raised the stakes for environmentalists, cracking down on dissent and stifling criticism of the ecological costs of economic growth Since 2008 more and more governments have been framing protests and opposition against resource-intensive economic activity – such as mining and oil pipelines – as a threat to economic stability and corporate competitiveness. In 2012, as … Continue reading

7 January 2014 by
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