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Moscow’s urban form: a battleground for Russia’s elites

The ‘progressive’ urban transformation of Moscow masks a conservative project that aims to protect the political and economic status quo Moscow has changed profoundly in the last couple of years: instead of being dominated by chaotically parked cars and scattered trash, squares and parks now invite Muscovites to stroll under newly planted trees and to enjoy themselves on gigantic swings … Continue reading

24 October 2016 by
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When in Russia, do as the Russians do?

Putin’s system of control requires businesses constantly to negotiate challenging formal and informal rules of the game The collapse of the command economy and the gradual opening up of large and potentially fruitful markets in the Russian Federation has led to a steady influx of foreign firms seeking to operate within the business milieu of post-Soviet Russia. Twenty-five years on … Continue reading

19 May 2015 by
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