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The American kids are alright

Rick Rowden

The significant public and political protests during the first month of the Trump presidency represent the backlash to the backlash In the US and around the world many have been shocked by the reactionary politics that swept Donald Trump into the White House. Trump’s overt hostility toward women and Mexican immigrants during his campaign was unprecedented, and his brazen executive … Continue reading

23 February 2017 by
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Brexit and the logics of ableism

Dan Goodley

Interdependence is central to the lives of disabled people – yet an ideology of ableism, reflected in the Brexit vote, runs counter to this Since June and the fall-out from the EU referendum result many of us on the left of British politics (and the related media) have struggled to make sense of the decision to leave the EU. Trawling … Continue reading

26 October 2016 by
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