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How the financial industry mobilized against the European Financial Transaction Tax

Despite broad post-crisis support in Europe for a financial transaction tax, the financial industry successfully lobbied to water down proposals and delay its implementation 2017 should be the year when the much-delayed and watered down European Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) is finally implemented – but this is looking increasingly unlikely. After the 2008 financial crisis a large public coalition of … Continue reading

22 May 2017 by
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Dodd-Frank: From Economic Crisis to Regulatory Reform – New SPERI Paper

Our latest SPERI Paper, published today, looks at how the US system of financial regulation has come under increased criticism in the aftermath of the 2008 economic crisis. As the crisis deepened, regulatory reform became a political necessity but no consensus existed on what direction reform should take. In 2010, after a long political battle, the US Congress passed the … Continue reading

14 June 2016 by
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