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Reimagining tax through speculative design: or, how to critique neoliberalism

If you were given £5m to communicate *something* with all income taxpayers, what message would you want to circulate? What form would it take? How radical would you be? I recently co-organised a workshop with Rebecca Bramall as part of a project we’re doing on ‘Reimagining Tax Through Speculative Design’ that asked a variation of this question. The aim of the project is to … Continue reading

20 April 2018 by
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Reimagining tax through speculative design – new SPERI project

SPERI is embarking on a new collaborative project which will explore the role of communications between tax authorities and taxpayers in increasing ‘tax morale’. The project will be led by Dr Liam Stanley (SPERI) in collaboration with Dr Rebecca Bramall at the University of the Arts London (UAL). Tax is the lifeblood of public life. It funds public services and contributes … Continue reading

25 January 2018 by
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