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How sustainable are the Anglo-American recoveries?

Jeremy Green

While both countries have experienced comparatively strong growth, divergence on the current account ensures that the UK’s situation looks much more perilous Staggering global payments imbalances are a defining feature of contemporary capitalism. From the 1980s, with the emergence of the ‘neoliberal’ phase of capitalism, two major categories of growth model have emerged: debt-led growth models, marked by current-account deficits, … Continue reading

2 February 2016 by
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Global currency shifts and the City of London

Jeremy Green

The internationalisation of the renminbi reinforces some of the peculiarities of British development For the US dollar the global financial crisis of 2007-8 represented something of a paradox.  On the one hand, it revealed the vulnerability of the huge US debt market and deep instabilities within an American growth model beset by staggering imbalances.  These factors point towards a long-term … Continue reading

21 October 2014 by
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