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China and the UK’s EU membership: questions beyond the referendum

Despite the increasingly important UK-China economic ties strong Chinese opposition to ‘Brexit’ has been ignored Whilst President Obama publicly weighed into the referendum debate in the UK, offering a strong defence of the UK staying in, we know little about what other states, including emerging powers like China and India, think. This is surprising – the ‘Leave’ campaign has made … Continue reading

21 June 2016 by
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Into the Premier League – London and Renminbi internationalisation

Gregory Chin

Latest moves in RMB internationalisation in London could help push China’s currency into the top global rankings   Guest post by Gregory Chin   When the People’s Bank of China named China Construction Bank (CCB) as the Renminbi (RMB) clearing bank for London in mid June 2014, and subsequently authorised the China Foreign Exchange Trade System to launch direct trading … Continue reading

3 July 2014 by
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