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The self-protection of European society (inside and outside the EU)

Owen Parker

Growing political turmoil in Greece, Spain and Turkey could be a precursor to a Polanyian ‘great transformation’ away from neoliberalism Many commentators on the global financial crisis and its aftermath in the European context have sought to make sense of the widespread political resistance and protest that has emerged in its wake.  Karl Polanyi, a well-known figure among political economists, … Continue reading

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SPERI in Greece: ‘The Political Economy of Crisis in South Europe’

SPERI co-organised two events in Thessaloniki in Greece this week in conjunction with The South-East Europe Research Centre (SEERC), the research hub of City College, Thessaloniki, which is the International Faculty of the University of Sheffield. The first event, which took place on Wednesday 9 September, was an authors’ workshop bringing together the research team that for the past two … Continue reading

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New international partnerships

We are pleased to announce that SPERI has developed a number of international partnerships with other comparable research centres and institutes across the globe. We are currently working in a variety of ways with four organisations: the Centre for Globalization and Development at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, the Centre for International Political Economy at Peking University in China, … Continue reading

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