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Social policy: a vital partner in any inclusive growth strategy

Hannah Lambie-Mumford

Social policy needs to be seen as a partner in, not just one part of inclusive growth People are at the centre of the economy. This is of course an obvious statement in practical terms but, in the age of austerity and rising inequality and in-work poverty, it is clearer than ever that the current political economic model over looks … Continue reading

22 February 2017 by
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New Paper: British Business Strategy, EU Social and Employment Policy and the Emerging Politics of Brexit

A new Paper published today highlights how Brexit might change how British businesses engage with EU institutions in order to further their objectives. Through a document analysis of business responses to the Balance of Competences Review on EU Social and Employment Policy and CBI policy documents between 2010-2016, the author Scott Lavery outlines how British business has attempted to ‘defend … Continue reading

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The CBI, British business and employment rights after Brexit

Scott Lavery

Brexit undermines the CBI’s EU engagement strategy. British business now faces a dilemma about how to influence social and employment policy In the run-up to the EU referendum, both the trade unions and the Labour leadership warned that Brexit could lead to an attack on a range of employment rights underpinned by EU legislation.  This argument was generally made with … Continue reading

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Where now for flexicurity? – new SPERI Global Political Economy Brief

A new SPERI Global Political Economy Brief, published today, presents new research by SPERI Associate Fellows Professor Jason Heyes and Dr Thomas Hastings. The Brief shows that across the EU there has been a significant shift towards weaker job security and employment support since the global financial crisis. Download the report here. Key findings Analysis of data from 19 European … Continue reading

7 March 2016 by
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