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In Cuba, the post-Fidel era began ten years ago

Ramon Centeno

Under Raúl Castro’s presidency Cuba’s centrally planned economy has significantly integrated market socialist features Ever since Fidel Castro died in November 2016, foreign observers – journalists, political tourists, and the like – have flocked to the streets of Havana.  Let’s go and see communist Cuba before it is too late! they reason. What this reaction misses is that Cuba has already changed: … Continue reading

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From socialising capital to socialising capitalism

Craig Berry

Stewart Lansley’s advocacy of the sharing economy is the right idea at the right time, but social wealth funds would be a problematic instrument Stewart Lansley’s valuable 2012 book The Cost of Inequality offered one of the few sustained attempts to link inequality to the causes of the 2008 economic crisis, insofar as it was deemed a core characteristic of … Continue reading

9 June 2016 by
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Why Labour is losing: a response to O’Hara and Pye

Corbyn’s ascendance has compounded Labour’s electoral difficulties, but it didn’t create the problem In their recent posts for SPERI Glen O’Hara and Robbie Pye articulate the reasons why the Labour Party currently appears suspended between optimism and despair.  O’Hara makes powerful use of historical polling data to reveal why Labour’s position as an opposition party currently appears weak.  A prospective … Continue reading

15 March 2016 by
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