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Dead-end city: Reflections on the marginalized in post-crisis Madrid

Daniel Briggs

A study of Valdemingómez in Spain’s capital highlights the social consequences of austerity and the suffering it can cause Valdemingómez in Madrid is one of Europe’s largest urban ghettos rife with drugs, violence and destitution. When I first heard about it ten years ago when in London, I found difficult to believe that a place with such multifaceted social problems … Continue reading

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Spanish politics in major flux

Owen Parker

Two recent events will complicate and shape Spanish politics in the coming year, with broader implications for Europe and its political economy The national election in Spain on 20 December 2015 (20D) saw the ruling conservative PP, led by Mariano Rajoy, receive the largest share of the vote and the social democratic PSOE, led by Pedro Sánchez, come second.  But … Continue reading

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The self-protection of European society (inside and outside the EU)

Owen Parker

Growing political turmoil in Greece, Spain and Turkey could be a precursor to a Polanyian ‘great transformation’ away from neoliberalism Many commentators on the global financial crisis and its aftermath in the European context have sought to make sense of the widespread political resistance and protest that has emerged in its wake.  Karl Polanyi, a well-known figure among political economists, … Continue reading

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SPERI in Greece: ‘The Political Economy of Crisis in South Europe’

SPERI co-organised two events in Thessaloniki in Greece this week in conjunction with The South-East Europe Research Centre (SEERC), the research hub of City College, Thessaloniki, which is the International Faculty of the University of Sheffield. The first event, which took place on Wednesday 9 September, was an authors’ workshop bringing together the research team that for the past two … Continue reading

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Fundamental rights and neoliberalism in Crisis Spain (and Crisis EU)

Owen Parker

Political tensions in Spain are a microcosm of a broader conflict between human rights and neoliberalism that is playing itself out in the EU and beyond On the back of its local elections Spain has been heralded as a positive news story for the European left.  This is the case, especially, in its major cities, Madrid and Barcelona, where two … Continue reading

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Building a different future out of a crisis of housing

Mònica Clua-Losada

The PAH, or ‘Platform of Those Affected by Mortgages’, has stirred a genuine social and political awakening in Spain The Great Recession has been generally devastating for many people in many different contexts.  In Spain, what appeared to start off as a financial crisis quickly spread to other areas of the economy leading (as in Ireland and the United States) … Continue reading

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SPERI research project on Greece, Spain and Turkey: ‘In’ and ‘Out’ of the ‘Eurocrisis’

SPERI Director, Professor Tony Payne, spent three days in Thessaloniki last week leading the mid-term meeting of a new SPERI research project that is examining the contrasting political economies of Greece, Spain and Turkey ‘in’ and ‘out’ of the ‘Eurocrisis’ of the last few years. He was accompanied by Dr Owen Parker, Lecturer in Politics at the University of Sheffield. … Continue reading

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Get involved in the debate that matters

As Spain becomes the latest  country to be bailed out in the Eurozone, the search for a new British growth model becomes ever more pressing. You can still register for our conference ‘The British Growth Crisis: The Search for a New Model’ (16-18 July, University of Sheffield) and be part of this debate. To view the full, exciting programme , which … Continue reading

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