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SPERI Paper No.8 published – The Crisis of the Euro: The Problem of German Power Revisited

SPERI Paper No.8 has arrived. The paper entitled The Crisis of the Euro:  The Problem of German Power Revisited by Helen Thompson (Reader in Politics & Director of Studies at Clare College, University of Cambridge and SPERI Honorary Research Fellow) was published today. The paper argues that the durability of the euro appears to rest on the impossibility of abandoning it, … Continue reading

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The arrival of SPERI Paper No.5 ‘The Great Uncertainty’

We are pleased to announce the arrival of the next SPERI paper ‘The Great Uncertainty’ by Colin Hay and Tony Payne, Directors of SPERI. The paper emerges out of a series of blogs that we jointly posted on SPERI Comment between 30 January and 18 July 2013. The blogs attracted substantial attention and were re-posted on the New Statesman website. In … Continue reading

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SPERI Paper No.3 is here!

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of SPERI Paper No.3 ‘Power, Politics & the City of London: Before & After the Great Crisis’ by Sukhdev Johal, Michael Moran and Karel Williams (University of Manchester). The paper examines the power of finance in the UK in the light of debates about the meaning of power. It distinguishes four faces of power.  Three are drawn … Continue reading

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SPERI Paper No.2 is here!

SPERI Paper No.2 ‘Capitalist Diversity, Work and Employment Relations’ by Professors Christel Lane and Geoffrey Wood is here! It follows on from the first SPERI Paper ‘ The British Growth Crisis: A Crisis of and for Growth’ by Professor Colin Hay (Director of SPERI), published in February 2013, and you can download them both, free, here! In this second paper the … Continue reading

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What does the Chancellor need to do?

Britain’s crisis continues. As we see-saw seemingly incessantly between failed recovery and recession (double-dip, triple-drip, quadruple-dip …) it is time for the Chancellor to think again. It is not so much Plan B that we need so much as an entirely different way of thinking about the crisis we face. This is, as even the IMF can see, a crisis … Continue reading

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