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Remaking the case for a ‘developmental state’ in Britain

Tony Payne

Britain urgently needs a new national development strategy after the Brexit vote and must find the will to embrace a radically different model of the state Sometimes you just have to say it again, doubling down on what you think. In one of the first posts I wrote on this site in 2013, I proclaimed: ‘We are all developing countries … Continue reading

23 March 2017 by
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The Coming Crisis: systemic stabilization and the investment state

A new ‘investment state’ is needed to provide stability in the new uncertain political economy of shadow money, financial instability and demand deficiency We live in an era characterised by a confusing evolutionary dynamic relationship between financial innovation, the state and patterns of investment that we barely understand. At the core of this conundrum is the little understood issue of … Continue reading

18 May 2016 by
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Inequality Redux IX

Craig Berry

The illusion of pursuing equality through a hollowed-out state This post considers whether, despite growing public concern about the rise and implications of inequality, the British political economy is capable any longer of pursuing equality as a public good in any meaningful way.  The idea of the state as an entity through which we can collectively shape socio-economic reality has … Continue reading

16 April 2015 by
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