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The Finance Curse research agenda: what we learned

Andrew Baker

A finance curse research agenda involves forensic dissection of financial dysfunction and pathology, helping to illuminate what needs to be put right Earlier this month scholars from seven countries and seven disciplines, representatives from four NGOs, journalists from the Financial Times and Le Monde, and a Bank of England official met in Sheffield to scrutinise and dissect the concept of … Continue reading

27 November 2017 by
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The Finance Curse: Building a new knowledge network

Andrew Baker

A workshop in Sheffield this week will examine the symptoms of a phenomenon known as the ‘finance curse’, establish a future research agenda and discuss potential responses This week, SPERI, with the Tax Justice Network and collaborators from Copenhagen Business School, will co-host a workshop on ‘the Finance Curse’. The idea that a ‘finance curse’ – a more complex version … Continue reading

14 November 2017 by
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Brexit, don’t forget how we got here

Jamie Morgan

Understanding Brexit requires us to consider the political economy of tax justice and the abuse of wealth protection At a time when a general election has dominated the press for the last two months and Brexit has been a shadow of anxiety – a most remarkable event that the political parties have been steadfastly refusing to remark upon in any … Continue reading

12 June 2017 by
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The problems with measuring tax systems

Nicholas Shaxson

In debates about tax policy we need to de-emphasise the role of economics and measurement and rekindle the politics In the past few years there have been several efforts to understand and even measure ‘spillovers’ – that is, how one state’s tax or legal system can transmit damage to other states’ tax or legal systems.  Perhaps the best known of … Continue reading

16 March 2017 by
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