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The political determinants of miracle growth in Rwanda

Pritish Behuria and Tom Goodfellow

Rwanda’s government works hard to maintain a balancing act between the complex range of political and economic factors that underpin the country’s recent rapid economic growth To understand why growth is sustained in some developing countries and not in others, we need to understand the politics of those countries. That much we know. Or at least, there was an ‘almost … Continue reading

14 December 2016 by
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Property taxation and economic development: Lessons from Rwanda and Ethiopia – new Global Political Economy Brief

A new SPERI Global Political Economy Brief, published today, presents new research findings by SPERI Associate Fellow Dr Tom Goodfellow on property taxation and economic development in Rwanda and Ethiopia. Download the new brief. The new Brief charts the rapid urbanisation that has taken place in recent decades in Rwanda and Ethiopia, two of the world’s poorest, but most rapidly … Continue reading

22 September 2016 by
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Land leasing vs property tax?

Tom Goodfellow

African governments, and their international advisors, need to join up their thinking more effectively when pursuing ‘big urban reform’ Tax is back in fashion in international development circles.  We know that in the history of much of the world developing taxation systems was virtually synonymous with state-building; we believe that taxation enhances accountability and builds the ‘social contract’; and consequently … Continue reading

14 July 2015 by
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