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EU business strategies and Brexit: Balancing proximity with politics

Scott Lavery

As Article 50 is ‘triggered’ business groups within EU member states are caught in a dilemma between proximity and politics: how to minimise trade barriers with the UK whilst maintaining the Single Market Powerful firms and business interest groups within the EU are likely to have a significant influence over the shape of the Article 50 negotiations. Despite this, there … Continue reading

30 March 2017 by
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Return to the Commonwealth? UK-Africa trade after Brexit

Peg Murray-Evans

Calls for a post-Brexit return to the Commonwealth ignore the existing privileged EU-Africa trade relationship as well as the UK’s now diminished trade influence In a speech to the Institute of Chartered Engineers in February, David Davis MP – now Secretary of State for Exiting the EU – told the audience: ‘The only Commonwealth country to enjoy a free trade … Continue reading

21 July 2016 by
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