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Journeys to democracy? Transport worker organisation in Africa

Tom Goodfellow

Urban informal transport acts as a barometer of political trajectories in Africa and exposes tensions between democracy and worker organisations For a window onto a country’s politics and political economy, look at how urban transport is organised. Britain’s embrace of Uber, and the beleaguered company’s exploitation of a legal loophole to allow its drivers to operate in places where they … Continue reading

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The new view from The Bridge

Re-bordering is emerging in Scandinavia in one of the most symbolically borderless regions in Europe The completion of the Öresund Bridge in 2000 – immortalised in the well-known TV drama – changed both the physical and economic landscape of Denmark and Southern Sweden. The new train service brought the transit time between the two cities of Copenhagen and Malmö to … Continue reading

19 January 2016 by
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Transport investment and the North’s development dilemmas

Tom Hunt and Craig Berry

The gap between rhetoric and reality with regard to transport investment in the North of England encapsulates all the problems of Northern economic development In June 2014 George Osborne laid out his ‘Northern Powerhouse’ concept in a speech in Manchester. He set out the four ‘ingredients’ of his vision: By joining our northern cities together – not physically, or into … Continue reading

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