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Publication of The Kerslake Review

A new report on the future of the UK Treasury was published in mid February by an independent team of reviewers.  SPERI submitted evidence to the review team. The team was chaired by Lord Kerslake and sought to undertake an ‘independent review of the Treasury to consider how it should work to promote and manage more sustainable growth in a … Continue reading

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Treasury Control and the prospects for green industrial strategy in Britain

Martin Craig

The Treasury’s powers and priorities impinge upon environmental, energy and industrial policies. Understanding and reforming them is a vital step for creating a green industrial strategy The recent consolidation of the industry and energy portfolios in the new Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has sparked considerable speculation among environmentalists and policy analysts, especially given the removal of … Continue reading

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China and the UK’s EU membership: questions beyond the referendum

Despite the increasingly important UK-China economic ties strong Chinese opposition to ‘Brexit’ has been ignored Whilst President Obama publicly weighed into the referendum debate in the UK, offering a strong defence of the UK staying in, we know little about what other states, including emerging powers like China and India, think. This is surprising – the ‘Leave’ campaign has made … Continue reading

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Reforming the Treasury – SPERI hosts review evidence session with Lord Kerslake

Yesterday SPERI hosted an event with Lord Kerslake, former Head of the Civil Service, as part of the independent review he is currently conducting in to the role, responsibilities and operating mandate of the Treasury. This was the first event as part of the review to take place outside of London and provided a useful opportunity for members of the … Continue reading

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Reforming the Treasury, reorienting British capitalism – new SPERI Brief

The Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute (SPERI) has today published a new research brief. Reforming the Treasury, reorienting British capitalism‘ – by Craig Berry, Andrew Gamble, Colin Hay, Tom Hunt and Tony Payne – contributes to perennial debates about the role and responsibilities of the Treasury, and its dual role within Government as both the ‘economics ministry’ and the ‘finance … Continue reading

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George Osborne, banks and the turning tide of regulation in the UK

The mood music being played to the City by the majority Conservative government has been quietly but deliberately changed since May 2015 In the immediate wake of the financial crisis in 2008-9 it appeared as if there was an endless line of politicians in the UK from across all political spectrums queuing up to lambast and publicly deride the banks … Continue reading

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The real ‘new politics’ of post-crisis Britain: Part I

Craig Berry

The Conservatives understand – and exploit – the electorate’s concerns about ‘place’ As I argue in my forthcoming book Austerity Politics and UK Economic Policy, if austerity were simply an argument about the merits of deficit reduction, its critics on the left would have won hands down.  Indeed, the regularity with which George Osborne now delays the deficit reduction end-date … Continue reading

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The problem with Osborne’s new annual tax summaries

Liam Stanley

They foster an imagined community of ‘taxpayers’ and subvert the collective identity that should underpin tax From late November onwards, the British weekday breakfast ritual faces yet another distraction.  People up and down the country will get to enjoy their cornflakes alongside the arrival of a letter from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs.  Rather than demanding more money or offering … Continue reading

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Scotland, England and currency union – or two bald men and a comb

Craig Berry

The phoney currency debate in Scotland relies on misunderstanding and is helping to marginalise the real alternatives Craig Berry and Richard Berry   The intervention from senior UK politicians on the SNP’s plans for a currency union, allowing Scotland to retain sterling post-independence, appears to have backfired for the Better Together campaign. Ed Balls and Danny Alexander both backed George … Continue reading

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