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The complexity of securing a pay rise for Britain

Sarah Brown

The collection of essays recently published by the Resolution Foundation offers a range of innovative solutions In the context of signs of economic recovery, the recent publication of a collection of short essays by the Resolution Foundation that explore a wide range of themes related to securing wage recovery in Britain is both timely and welcome.  Given the well-documented, recent … Continue reading

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Why the North, why now, and what’s new? Part I

Craig Berry

For England’s sake, the time has come for Northern England to find its ‘inner powerhouse’ In the wake of the general election, Englishness as a national identity is being articulated in an increasingly aggressive manner.  When all the dust has settled, we may in future come to see this as the key legacy of the 2015 general election – or … Continue reading

4 June 2015 by
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‘In Conversation’ with Frances O’Grady

SPERI had the pleasure to welcome the General Secretary of the TUC, Frances O’Grady, last night for the third of our ‘In Conversation’ evenings in the Octagon in front of a large and keen audience. Introducing the event, Deputy Director Craig Berry welcomed Frances to the University and noted that the TUC has become virtually the lone voice in mainstream politics … Continue reading

20 February 2015 by
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The British economy: a crisis of Anglo-liberal capitalism?

The first SPERI Palgrave pivot entitled ‘The Failure of Anglo-Liberal Capitalism‘ was written by SPERI Director Colin Hay and was published earlier this year. In the book he argues that the crisis is best seen as a crisis of and for growth and not as a crisis of debt, incurred in pursuit of an excessively liberalised Anglo-American form of capitalism. This growth model, … Continue reading

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Get involved in the debate that matters

As Spain becomes the latest  country to be bailed out in the Eurozone, the search for a new British growth model becomes ever more pressing. You can still register for our conference ‘The British Growth Crisis: The Search for a New Model’ (16-18 July, University of Sheffield) and be part of this debate. To view the full, exciting programme , which … Continue reading

14 June 2012 by
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