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The Shanghai Cooperation Organization: the biggest international organization you’ve never heard of

Rick Rowden

The West has paid little attention to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. This is set to change as it becomes increasingly influential in global geopolitics Think of international organizations and groups like the UN, World Bank and the IMF might come to mind. The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) likely doesn’t make most people’s lists. The SCO is probably the biggest international … Continue reading

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The condition of labour and democracy under the state of emergency in Turkey


Turkey’s AKP government is using the state of emergency to curtail labour rights and introduce regressive economic reforms Following the failed coup on 15 July by supporters of the Gülenist movement within the army, Turkey’s ruling political Islamist AKP government introduced a state of emergency with an ‘aim of taking swift and effective steps required to eliminate the threat against … Continue reading

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The Coming Crisis: The migrant crisis and the future of the European project

Nicola Phillips

The economic, political and social consequences of failing to respond effectively to the migrant crisis risk accelerating European disintegration Digesting the relentless news stories about the devastating numbers of lives lost in the Mediterranean, the living conditions endured by the human beings seeking passage into and across Europe, and the increasingly incoherent political responses of European leaders, there can be … Continue reading

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Authoritarian but Flexible: Turkey and recent labour market reforms


The AKP’s reforms to ‘flexibilise’ the labour market will weaken workers’ rights and further consolidate authoritarian neoliberalism in Turkey In the last few years, ‘authoritarianism’ has been used widely by mainstream academic circles, Western media and international civil society organisations to define the character of the political regime under the AKP (Adalet ve Kalkınma Partisi or the Justice and Development … Continue reading

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Finding the money: financing Europe’s refugee and migrant crisis

Gail Hurley

The UN warns the humanitarian aid system is ‘being stretched to breaking point’ The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) reports that over 613,000 people of mainly Middle-Eastern and African origin have crossed into Europe this year so far, fleeing ongoing conflict and poverty in countries such as Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Somalia. The European Union’s response has been chaotic, … Continue reading

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The self-protection of European society (inside and outside the EU)

Owen Parker

Growing political turmoil in Greece, Spain and Turkey could be a precursor to a Polanyian ‘great transformation’ away from neoliberalism Many commentators on the global financial crisis and its aftermath in the European context have sought to make sense of the widespread political resistance and protest that has emerged in its wake.  Karl Polanyi, a well-known figure among political economists, … Continue reading

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SPERI in Greece: ‘The Political Economy of Crisis in South Europe’

SPERI co-organised two events in Thessaloniki in Greece this week in conjunction with The South-East Europe Research Centre (SEERC), the research hub of City College, Thessaloniki, which is the International Faculty of the University of Sheffield. The first event, which took place on Wednesday 9 September, was an authors’ workshop bringing together the research team that for the past two … Continue reading

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Turkish delight

Tony Payne

The Presidency of the G20 has now passed to Turkey, but the global political economy looks like remaining dangerously under-governed Did you know that, on 1 December 2014, the Presidency of the G20, the world’s self-proclaimed ‘premier forum for our international economic co-operation’, passed to Turkey?  Are you aware that the global political economy’s new leader in this respect is … Continue reading

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SPERI research project on Greece, Spain and Turkey: ‘In’ and ‘Out’ of the ‘Eurocrisis’

SPERI Director, Professor Tony Payne, spent three days in Thessaloniki last week leading the mid-term meeting of a new SPERI research project that is examining the contrasting political economies of Greece, Spain and Turkey ‘in’ and ‘out’ of the ‘Eurocrisis’ of the last few years. He was accompanied by Dr Owen Parker, Lecturer in Politics at the University of Sheffield. … Continue reading

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