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How to reform the UN Security Council?

Reform of UN Security Council must look to a ‘Weak Veto’ How to reform the troubled UN Security Council? This has been a question challenging policymakers, diplomats and academics for decades.  There is widespread agreement that reforms for the Security Council (UNSC) are needed but no consensus on the best way forward. To consider this question Matthew Gould and I … Continue reading

18 May 2017 by
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Cannabis in the USA Part I: winning the battle…

Matthew Bishop

Ambitious reforms to cannabis policy in the US are long overdue, with cracks finally appearing in the edifice of the failed ‘War on Drugs’ Drug prohibition has failed utterly. It has neither stemmed demand nor supply, while creating powerful mafias and a desperate trail of violence. It is not based on evidence or logic. As regularly noted by Professor David … Continue reading

15 December 2015 by
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SPERI spotlight on the UN climate summit I

Hayley Stevenson

Democratising decarbonisation after the COP The long-awaited Paris climate summit is almost upon us. Much remains to be decided at this latest Conference of the Parties, or COP21, as the meeting is known in climate politics jargon, including financial support and compensation for vulnerable countries, emissions reporting and verification systems, and the legal form and status of the agreement. For … Continue reading

17 November 2015 by
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