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The Left, modern work and the new working class

Maha Rafi Atal

Developing a new moral politics of work in the 21st century could help the left regain traditional supporters and connect to new working class groups Among the themes in this year of political surprises on both sides of the Atlantic – from the victory of the Leave campaign to the candidacies of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders – is predominantly … Continue reading

11 October 2016 by
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Austerity has transformed the meaning and morality of work in the UK

Craig Berry

Measuring economic success through levels of employment obscures the unsustainable and oppressive nature of the UK’s recovery Work has of course always been central to capitalist organisation, since the ability of capital to extract surplus value from labour is at the essential core of accumulation processes. In post-crisis UK, however, work has become not only integral to the function of … Continue reading

19 July 2016 by
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Can the Welfare State Survive? Andrew Gamble book launch, hosted by the Resolution Foundation

On Monday May 9th, at an event hosted by the Resolution Foundation in London, Professor Andrew Gamble, Professorial Fellow at SPERI, will launch his new book Can the Welfare State Survive? Following the global financial crisis deep cuts to welfare budgets have become a default policy response for policymakers around the world. Andrew’s book explores the history of the welfare state, … Continue reading

19 April 2016 by
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