SPERI Comment is here!

We are delighted to announce the launch of SPERI Comment, a new interactive, political economy blog which will feature articles from a variety of leading commentators, on the issues that matter.

SPERI Comment is intended to help spread opinions and ideas of academics from the University of Sheffield, with research interests in political economy, to a wider audience. Further contributions from outside the University will also be included to provide expertise and analysis.

Contributions will address theoretical, historical and policy-related themes in political economy that are relevant to contemporary political debates and public policy issues, and will respond to the political and economic challenges posed by the global financial crisis and its legacy.

You can comment on the articles and also share them with others, using our interactive interface to share articles through Twitter and Facebook.

You can even submit a proposal for a blog post yourself.

Before commenting on a post, or submitting a proposal for one, please read the guidance page first. The page also outlines how to submit a proposal for a post.

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SPERI Comment

Read the first post by Professor Tony Payne, Co-Director of SPERI

Please note: articles and comments posted on the blog reflect the views of the author(s) and not the position of SPERI or of the University of Sheffield.