New book by Colin Hay & Stephen Farrall

SPERI Director Colin Hay has recently received an ESRC research award, along with Professor Stephen Farrall (School of Law, University of Sheffield) for a new and exciting project entitled ‘Long-term Trajectories of Crime in the UK‘. Using the Thatcher and Major governments (1979- 1997) as a case study, the aim of the project is to explore the experiences of crime, victimisation and fear of crime at the national and regional levels, and for key socio-demographic groups, since the 1970s.

A new book has now been published as part of this research by Professors Colin Hay and Stephen Farrall by Oxford University Press. The book The Legacy of Thatcherism: Assessing and Exploring Thatcherite Social and Economic Policies is the first major assessment of Thatcherism since the death of Margaret Thatcher.

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