The Pricing of Everything by George Monbiot published by SPERI

Paper15_150George Monbiot’s lecture published in the Guardian on July 24th is now available as SPERI Paper No. 15.

The talk was given in April 2014 for the SPERI Annual Lecture to a full house of 1200 people; the lecture retains its power and impact in written form and bears re-reading as well for those who attended.

The lecture is a critique of the neo-liberal doctrine and its impact on environmental and social sustainability. Its relevance to today’s political economy debate is indisputable. The arguments reflect the core of SPERI’s work which focuses on a new form of capitalism which would work better for all citizens. SPERI Paper No. 12, Civic Capitalism, sets the framework for future debate within which Monbiot’s contribution can be set and looks towards how a changed capitalism should be taken forward. 

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You can watch the lecture on youtube. The lecture is also available on itune with the option of downloading the audio version.