17 February: Devo Manc Is A Flawed Democracy. Discuss

discuss-devomancOn Wednesday 17 February, Arianna Giovannini, our new SPERI Researcher will take part in a public event in Manchester focusing on the potential democratic deficit in the current ‘Devo Manc’ Deal.

The event is organised by Discuss, in partnership with Guardian Live. Discuss is a Manchester based organisation which promotes progressive thinking through challenging, provocative and authentic debates.

Neil McInroy (Chief Executive, CLES) will be on the panel with Arianna Giovannini arguing that Devo Manc is a flawed democracy, while Mike Emmerich (Founding Director, Metro Dynamics) and Francesca Gains (Professor of Public Policy, University of Manchester) will argue against the motion.

Arianna will argue that the deal was negotiated behind closed doors by ‘pale, male and stale’ elites, it ignores the outcome of the 2012 referendum on elected mayors, and has been imposed on the people of Greater Manchester without any consultation.

Arianna’s research focuses on devolution in the North of England, and in 2015/16 she co-led a research project on the governance, identity and political Economy of the North.

For further information and to book tickets to attend the event, click here.

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