New book on ‘depoliticization’ featuring SPERI researchers

We are pleased to report that Anti-politics, Depoliticization and Governance – edited by SPERI director Colin Hay, with Paul Fawcett, Matthew Flinders and Matthew Wood will be published by Oxford University Press on 7 September 2017.

The book examines the relationship between moves towards depoliticization and the apparent rise of political disaffection within broader governance process. It brings together a number of contributions from scholars who have a varied range of concerns but who nevertheless share a common interest in developing the concept of depoliticization through their engagement with a set of theoretical, conceptual, methodological, and empirical questions.

SPERI’s deputy director Craig Berry and research fellow Scott Lavery also feature in the book, with their co-authored chapter ‘Towards a Political Economy of Depoliticization Strategies: Help to Buy, the Office for Budget Responsibility, and the UK Growth Model’. Berry and Lavery examine macroeconomic policy-making in post-crisis Britain in order to demonstrate the ways in which depoliticization strategies are embedded within distinctively capitalist forms of social organization.

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