Prosperity and Justice: Is radical reform of the UK economy possible?

On March 7th SPERI and the Political Quarterly will hold a joint symposium on the Report of the IPPR Commission on Economic Justice.

Comprising leading figures such as the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, the General Secretary of the TUC Frances O’Grady and economist Professor Mariana Mazzucato, the IPPR Commission on Economic Justice was a two-year enquiry into the challenges facing the UK economy.

Its final report, Prosperity and Justice: A Plan for the New Economywas published in September 2018. The report sets out a far-reaching analysis of the UK’s longstanding economic weaknesses and over 70 recommendations for fundamental reform. Hailed as ‘a new Beveridge report’ by Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, it was also welcomed by a wide range of politicians and commentators, including the Financial Times, the Economist and the Daily Mail.

In this symposium academics from Sheffield and further afield, including the Commission’s Director Michael Jacobs who has recently joined SPERI as professorial research fellow, will analyse the political economy of the report and discuss its potential impact on UK politics and economic policymaking.

Thursday 7th March 2019, 2.00-5.15pm, followed by a drinks reception. Places are limited. Contact Michael Jacobs for more information.


2.00 Introductions

  • Prof Genevieve LeBaron, Co-Director, SPERI, University of Sheffield
  • Prof Wyn Grant, Dept of Politics, University of Warwick and The Political Quarterly

2.05  The IPPR Commission on Economic Justice report: purpose and narrative

  • Prof Michael Jacobs, SPERI, University of Sheffield, and Director of the Commission

2.20 Panel 1: The Commission’s analysis and policy agenda

  • Chair: Prof Genevieve LeBaron
  • Macroeconomic and finance policy: Dr Scott Lavery, SPERI, University of Sheffield
  • Labour market policy: Prof Karl Taylor, Dept of Economics, University of Sheffield
  • Industrial strategy and the ‘everyday economy’: Prof Julie Froud, Business School, University of Manchester
  • Corporate governance and competition policy: Dr Jay Cullen, Dept of Law, University of Sheffield

3.40  Refreshments

4.00 Panel 2: The historical and political context of the Commission’s report

  • Chair: Dr Ben Jackson, Faculty of History, University of Oxford and Co-Editor of The Political Quarterly
  • Paradigm shifts in recent economic history: Dr Florence Sutcliffe-Braithwaite, Dept of History, University College London
  • Economic policy and the Labour Party: Prof Andy Hindmoor, Dept of Politics, University of Sheffield
  • Public opinion and party policies: Dr Kate Dommett, Dept of Politics, University of Sheffield

5.15 Close and drinks reception