Andrew Hindmoor gives inaugural lecture

Professor Andrew Hindmoor, SPERI Research Fellow and Head of the Department of Politics, has launched a series of SPERI inaugural lectures.

Andrew Hindmoor gave his inaugural lecture on February 13th 2019. The lecture entitled ‘Studying Politics: Reflections on Insipid Centrism, Pluralism and Billy Bragg’ reflected on twelve people – including academics, a singer, a civil rights activist; one monarch; two former bank CEOs; a former prime minister and a former trade union leader – who have informed Andrew’s career. In talking about the twelve people Andrew’s lecture discussed the state of British politics and Brexit; the virtues of political compromise; pluralism as an academic and political value; the 2008 financial crisis; teaching; and the nature of politics.

Later this year Andrew will publish his new book Twelve Days that Made Modern Britain which tells a history of modern Britain since the late 1970s by focusing on twelve particularly important days and focusing on what happened on that day and what happened as a result of that day.

Watch a short video about the forthcoming new book

You can also listen to Andrew’s lecture here

All professors are given the opportunity to give an inaugural professorial lecture which is an opportunity to celebrate their research and mark a significant milestone in their career. Over the next 12 months we are delighted to be hosting a series of inaugural lectures by professors at SPERI.

Michael and Genevieve’s lectures will be open to the public and more details about them will be shared in due course.