Understanding contemporary capitalism: A new research agenda for SPERI

Understanding Contemporary Capitalism, published today (April 3rd) sets out SPERI’s new research agenda.

SPERI is committed to developing and promoting new analysis and understanding of contemporary capitalism and our research agenda is designed to address major economic and political challenges arising from contemporary capitalism.

The new report, collectively planned and written by members of the SPERI research team, outlines our approach to political economy analysis and explains how and why our intellectual agenda is now centred around four key research priorities which each address issues and concerns at the core of contemporary capitalism.

Those four research priority areas, each explored in detail in the publication, are Capitalism, Democracy & the State; Finance, Debt & Society; Corporate Power & the Global Economy, and Labour & Decent Work.

In the new publication Genevieve LeBaron and Colin Hay, Directors of SPERI write:

“Understanding contemporary capitalism, and the major economic and political challenges that arise from it, continues to be our most urgent task as political economists. In the face of extreme imbalances of wealth and power, financial instability, and environmental degradation, there is an urgent need for fresh thinking about how contemporary economies work and the public policies which could achieve more equal and sustainable societies.”

This is an exciting period for SPERI and over the coming months and years we look forward to sharing more of our ideas and research with you. We welcome your views on our new research agenda so if you have thoughts and ideas to share with us please get in touch.