Professor Michael Jacobs Inaugural Lecture – Wednesday May 22nd

We are very pleased to announce that Professor Michael Jacobs will give his Inaugural Lecture on Wednesday 22nd May.

Michael’s lecture is titled ‘Ideas and Power: reflections on politics, environmental crisis and economic paradigm shifts’.

Registration is now open.

In his lecture, Michael will draw on his experience as an academic economist, government adviser and environmental strategist to explore the role of ideas in political change. How do academic theories and ‘frames of thought’ influence democratic debate and public policymaking? What does this tell us about the roles of structure and agency, of economic interests and political activism, in how change occurs?

Reflecting on the critique of neoclassical environmental economics with which he was involved in the 1990s, Michael will show how that came to influence UK climate policy under the last Labour Government, and the Paris climate change agreement of 2015. He will argue that today’s urgent need for new economic policies to address the crises of inequality and unsustainability will require a comparable effort to replace the simplistic models of neoclassical economics which underpin neoliberalism. Can a new paradigm of economic theory and policy be fashioned amidst the ruins of current politics?

Ideas and Power: reflections on politics, environmental crisis and economic paradigm shifts
The Diamond, Lecture Theatre 6. The University of Sheffield (map)
5.30 – 7.30pm. Wednesday 22nd May 2019
The lecture will be followed by a drinks reception

Michael Jacobs joined SPERI in October 2018. He is a Professorial Fellow and Head of Engagement and Impact at SPERI. An environmental economist and political theorist, he was special adviser to the Chancellor and Prime Minister in the last Labour Government and an adviser to governments and NGOs for the Paris climate change agreement.