WATCH: Andy Haldane discusses his SPERI Annual Lecture and our new research agenda

Andy Haldane, Chief Economist at the Bank of England, gave the 2019 SPERI Annual Lecture on 7 May. In his lecture, entitled “Is all economics local?”, Andy showed how peoples’ experiences of income, wealth, health and wellbeing vary depending on where they live. He considered how data could help to give a bottom-up picture of what’s happening in the economy.

In this video Andy discusses the theme of his lecture and makes the case for understanding the economy through ‘lived, local experiences’.

The full text of the lecture including the accompanying data maps is available here.

Whilst in Sheffield Andy also took the time to talk to us about SPERI’s new research agenda.

In this video he discusses why he thinks the issues in SPERI’s agenda are fundamental to our economy and to the functioning of our society.

SPERI is committed to developing and promoting new analysis and understanding of contemporary capitalism and our research agenda is designed to address major economic and political challenges arising from contemporary capitalism.

Our new report ‘‘Understanding contemporary capitalism: A new research agenda for SPERI’ outlines our new research agenda.