New video: ‘Political Economy on Trial’ workshop

Earlier this year SPERI welcomed a group of world-leading scholars to Sheffield for a ‘state of the field’ workshop that reflected on the blind spots in the field of political economy

A new video about the workshop is now available to watch here:

Political Economy on Trial: RIPE and NPE workshop video

SPERI hosted the two-day academic workshop, Political Economy on Trial: Reflections After a Decade of Unforeseen Developments in collaboration with the editorial boards of the leading journals, Review of International Political Economy (RIPE) and New Political Economy (NPE).

The video includes interviews with the four workshop organisers – Genevieve LeBaron, Colin Hay, Jacqueline Best and Daniel Mügge – who outline why the workshop was organised, the ideas and issues that were debated at the workshop and how the contributions from the workshop will now be captured and shared in two special issues of RIPE and NPE.

You can find out more information about the workshop and see photos here.