Professor Genevieve LeBaron gives her inaugural lecture

On October 9th Professor Genevieve LeBaron, Co-Director of SPERI, gave her inaugural lecture on ‘Capitalism and Modern Slavery’.

In her inaugural lecture, Genevieve presented findings and insights from her research over the last decade which has focused on the role, nature, and value of forced labour in the capitalist economy. She drew on findings from her research on US prison labour; analysis of the UK construction, food, and cannabis industries, and her Global Business of Forced Labour project to reflect on contemporary dynamics of forced labour and unfree labour.

The lecture was introduced by Professor Tony Payne, SPERI’s co-founder and former director, and the event was moderated by Professor Andrew Crane, University of Bath, who has been a close collaborator with Genevieve on numerous research projects.

All professors are given the opportunity to give an inaugural professorial lecture which is an opportunity to celebrate their research and mark a significant milestone in their career. In 2019 we have been delighted to host a series of inaugural lectures by professors at SPERI.

  • Professor Michael Jacobs, Professorial Fellow at SPERI, gave his inaugural lecture in May. Find out more and listen to the lecture here.
  • Professor Andrew Hindmoor, SPERI Research Fellow and Head of the Department of Politics, gave his inaugural lecture in February. Find out more and listen to the lecture here.

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