Blind spots in International Political Economy: second Special Issue published in New Political Economy

In March 2019 SPERI was honoured to welcome a group of world-leading scholars to Sheffield for a landmark workshop that reflected on blind spots in the field of political economy. SPERI hosted the workshop in collaboration with the editorial boards of the leading journals, New Political Economy (NPE) and Review of International Political Economy (RIPE). The workshop has led to a double special issue of NPE and RIPE on ‘Blind spots in International Political Economy’.

Today, the second Special Issue has been published in New Political Economy, following the publication of the first Special Issue in RIPE last month. Find out more about the RIPE Special Issue here. Both Special Issues are co-edited by the organisers of the ‘blindspots’ initiative: Professor Jacqueline Best (University of Ottawa), Professor Colin Hay (SPERI, University of Sheffield), Professor Genevieve LeBaron (SPERI, University of Sheffield), and Professor Daniel Mügge (University of Amsterdam).

The NPE special issue is entitled, Blind Spots in Political Economy: Revisiting the Historical Foundations of Current Thought.

The abstract for the introduction, “Seeing and Not-seeing Like a Political Economist: The Historicity of Contemporary Political Economy and its Blind Spots,” is below:

Contemporary political economy is predicated on widely shared ideas and assumptions, some explicit but many implicit, about the past. Our aim in this Special Issue is to draw attention to, and to assess critically, these historical assumptions. In doing so, we hope to contribute to a political economy that is more attentive to the analytic assumptions on which it is premised, more aware of the potential oversights, biases, and omissions they contain, and more reflexive about the potential costs of these blind spots. This is an Introduction to one of two Special Issues that are being published simultaneously by New Political Economy and Review of International Political Economy reflecting on blind spots in international political economy. Together, these Special Issues seek to identify the key blind spots in the field and to make sense of how many scholars missed or misconstrued important dynamics.

All of the articles in the NPE special issue can be read here. Initially, all articles in both special issues will be available open-access.

The full list of contributors for both special issues is below.

Special issue editorsTitleInstitution
Jacqueline BestProfessor of Political ScienceUniversity of Ottawa
Colin HayProfessor of Political AnalysisUniversity of Sheffield
Genevieve LeBaronProfessor of PoliticsUniversity of Sheffield
Daniel MüggeProfessor of Political ArithmeticUniversity of Amsterdam
Special issue contributorsTitleInstitution
Maha Rafi AtalPostdoctoral Research FellowCopenhagen Business School
Kate BedfordProfessor of LawUniversity of Birmingham
Gurminder K. BhambraProfessor of Postcolonial and Decolonial StudiesUniversity of Sussex
André BroomeAssociate Professor of International Political EconomyUniversity of Warwick
Andrew GambleProfessor of PoliticsUniversity of Sheffield
Marieke de GoedeProfessor of PoliticsUniversity of Amsterdam
Eric HelleinerProfessor in Political ScienceUniversity of Waterloo
Kristen HopewellCanada Research Chair in Global PolicyUniversity of British Columbia
Paul LangleyProfessor of Economic GeographyUniversity of Durham
Erin LockwoodAssistant Professor of Political ScienceUniversity of California, Irvine
Matthew PatersonProfessor of Internatinal PoliticsUniversity of Manchester
Louis PaulyJ. Stefan Distinguished Professor of Political EconomyUniversity of Toronto
V. Spike PetersonProfessor of International RelationsUniversity of Arizona

Elisabeth Prügl
Professor of International RelationsGraduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva
Leonard SeabrookeProfessor of International Political Economy and Economic SociologyCopenhagen Business School
Robbie ShilliamProfessor of International RelationsJohns Hopkins University
JP SinghProfessor of International Commerce and PolicyGeorge Mason University
Kevin YoungAssociate Professor of Political ScienceUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst

Watch our short video about the landmark ‘blind spots’ workshop that SPERI hosted in 2019.

WATCH: Find out more about our landmark workshop that reflected on blind spots in the field of political economy