Diane Burns joined the Management School in 2012 as Lecturer in Organization Studies. Before this, she was a Research Fellow in the School of Allied Health Professions at the University of East Anglia. Diane holds a PhD from the Discourse Unit Manchester Metropolitan University (now at the University of Manchester).

She is a member of the Institute of Work Psychology and the Work, Organisation and Employment Relations Research Centre (WOERRC) within the Management School.

Diane’s primary research is the area of health and social care organization using ethnographic, participatory and action research methodologies. In particular, her work is focused on the instability/stability of the social care system in the UK. Her work seeks to address this issue through three interconnecting themes: workforce and care quality; institutional abuse and mistreatment; and social innovation and homecare. Since 2016 her focus has expanded to include the financialisation of residential care home chains and the need for social innovation in the provision of homecare.

Diane is a member of the Leadership Group of the large ESRC project ‘Sustainable Care – connecting people and systems’ based in the Centre for International Research on Care, Labour & Equalities [CIRCLE] in the Faculty of Social Science.

Further information about Diane can be found here.