Ed is a doctoral student working under the supervision of Dr. Liam Stanley and Prof. Genevieve LeBaron. His research project looks at how transformations of the global economy have influenced politics in the UK and beyond. In particular, he is interested in how households as consumers have become entangled in global production networks and what the day-to-day realities of social reproduction mean for the wider structuring of the global economic system. Ed was a founding co-convener of SPERI’s Doctoral Researchers Network in 2019.

Prior to starting his PhD in 2017, Ed completed a BA in Economics and Politics and an MSc in Politics with Research Methods, both at The University of Sheffield. He has been active in the campaign to reform the economics curriculum, both as a student and as a founding trustee of the educational charity Rethinking Economics. Before coming to university as a mature student, he spent several years working as a sustainability consultant in the construction industry.

Research Interests

Ed’s interests lie broadly across the intersection of politics and economics. His work speaks to the central questions within the tradition of International Political Economy, approached using qualitative methodologies that seek to be more sensitive to the role that gender, race and culture play within these processes.

He is also interested in the study of finance, financialization and its relationship to inequality. Building on an undergraduate research project that looked at the problem of financial exclusion, he has published research asking how finance relates to the welfare system in the UK and whether we can expect it to play a meaningful role in addressing the problems of poverty.

Key Publications