Harry Pickard is a Research Associate in the Department of Economics. Harry’s research interests lie in the area of applied econometrics focusing primarily on political economy and public economics. Areas of specific interest to Harry include voting behaviour, the role of terrorism, migration patterns and political leadership. During his PhD, completed at the University of Sheffield, Harry’s research thesis explored a variety of issues motivated by major political economy events in recent times.

His current research explores the role of political ideology in explaining migration flows and the effects of terrorism in the UK on various political economy outcomes. Harry’s future research will explore internal migration in the UK and how this was affected by fiscal consolidation and the Brexit vote, and the impacts that terrorism can have when accounting for the heterogeneity in the type of attacks. Harry’s research utilises a variety of econometric methods that seek to establish causal relationships and is beginning to incorporate text as data methods where appropriate.

Further information about Harry can be found here.